Mar 18, 2010

Life in Year One

I thought I'd update this today, just as my new book Life in Year One hits the shelves, to redirect anyone who lands at "The Devil Finds Work" here:

That's where things are happening!

Aug 29, 2007

The Faith Between Us dot-com

Most everything I have to say on a daily basis will most likely be said here from now on. Thanks.

Jul 24, 2007

There is No God Delusion

Originally titled "There is No God Delusion," this essay, co-written with Peter Bebergal, appears at Jewcy. It is a kind of postscript for our book, but since the essay's out now, it serves as a prescript. It basically makes the case that the faithfulness doesn't require an actual, literal belief in God. This is something our friendship has taught us.

Jul 18, 2007

Having What She's Having

In the current issue of Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture you can find an excerpt from my book. It's about both veganism and "disordered eating," as a friend in Chicago once politely put it.

I'm very happy to have accompanying the essay a painting by Lee Price, shown here.


So, last week this went up at Jewcy. I'm not sure readers took to heart that I was more concerned with Catholicism than Judaism in light of the recent reauthorization of the Tridentine Mass. There is another piece for Jewcy, coauthored with Peter Bebergal, coming on Monday, July 23.

Peter and I are beginning to book events in support of our book, The Faith Between Us: A Jew and a Catholic Search for the Meaning of God [new cover coming soon!], due out in November. If you belong to a group or organization for whom discussions of the meaning of God are important, please be in touch. We'd like to visit you.

Apr 29, 2007

I Dream of Amy

For a few weeks Amy Winehouse's song "Rehab" has been running through my head. Worse things have happened to me.

I wrote about my experience at Zeek.